Colour(s): Orange
Engine: 300cc
Stroke Type: Two Cylinder, 4 Stroke
Transmission: 6 Speed
Seat Height: 795mm
Weight: 185kg
Front Brakes: Twin Disc
Rear Brakes: Disc

BN 302

Calling it entry-level would be quite an understatement. Benelli BN302 is in fact much, much more. It's definitely a bike designed for the young riders. A bike created with the intent to satisfy who fell in love for the first time on two wheels more sporty and can no longer do without it. But once rode the BN302, even the most experienced rider, who drive usually vehicles of all sizes, power and displacement, have fun with a bike like that. Slim, light and handy, BN302 is the two wheels which take confidence immediately. In the curves it is fast and snappy. In the rise and fall it is agile and responsive, behaving like a big motorcycle. In the city, it becomes an excellent ally to 'fight' the traffic of metropolis, where BN302 is undoubtedly able to distinguish itself from direct competitors.

*OTR = first registration, 12 month tax, number plate, L plates, Pdi & fuel.

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